Equity. Inclusion & Anti-Oppression

Yamikani Msosa as is dedicated to supporting organizations and individuals interested in moving from awareness to action around issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-oppression. I offer the following services:

Trainings Development and Workshops

Ubuntu has offered a number of trainings on oppression, equity, diversity, inclusion centred in principles of economic, racial, gender, reproductive, restorative & healing justice. Trainings are catered to organizational needs.

Organizational Assessments

An organizational assessment is a consulting strategy that Yamikani has developed for groups that are ready to embark on a path of focused work to align their policies, practices, and culture with their social justice vision and values. It includes an anti-oppression audit of the organization, a report with written recommendations, and facilitated sessions for education and strategizing to move forward.

Policy Support

Strong policies build healthy organizations! Yamikani has supported organizations to create policies around anti-oppression, hiring, conflict resolution, evaluations, and more.

Yami is an intelligent, approachable, kind, and thoughtful human. She has an incredible energy and creates a safe environment during her workshops in which people are encouraged to ask questions, listen to others and engage in interesting conversation. There is nothing I would hesitate to ask Yami about, and I never feel judged or misunderstood. Yami creates a safe space in which to have sensitive dialogue that will stick with you long after the conversation has ended; you’ll leave wanting to know more, and do better.
— Nadine Hogan, Co-Owner Wheelhouse (Ottawa, ON)



Some of the organizations Yami has worked with are:


“Yamikani was able to create a space to ask difficult questions and challenged us to think outside the box. I can’t wait to work with her again.”
— Amnesty International Trainee