Yamikani started teaching in May 2017 in Ottawa after finding that most yoga spaces did not reflect the communities that she was apart of. They needed to find home and community, so started to teach Bodyfull Yoga for folks in larger bodies and collaborated with Kind Space to offer Yoga for Queer and Trans folks. Since moving to Toronto they have offered trauma-informed yoga class for survivors of sexual violence called SEEDS.

Yamikani is a collective member of Brown Girls Yoga.


Yoga Education

2017- Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) | with Laurie Howe, 200+ hours, Pranashanti Yoga Centre, Ottawa, ON

2018-Yoga For All Teacher Training | with Dianne Bondy & Amber Karnes

2019- Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga Teacher Training | with Zabie Yamasaki

Thank you for creating space for me to breath and practice among other black and brown bodies. I often don’t find that in mainstream yoga studios.
— BodyFull Yoga Participant


Seeds Yoga

Seeds is a yoga class specifically designed for survivors/victims/those affected by sexual and gender based violence. This yoga class is grounded in trauma informed/ healing centred yoga practices that seek to empower the participants using different yoga forms. The class focuses on three main themes community care, (em)powerment and consent.

SEEDS is often taught within the four - six week series, often participants of SEEDS have little to no experience with Yoga, and that’s okay! The premise of SEEDS is to come as you are, so what works for you and share spaces with other folxs who have been impacted by sexual or gender based violence. SEEDS yoga classes are taught in accessible way, that takes into account trauma informed and practices of healing centred engagement.


Union Yoga Studio: Starting October 24th 2019

Dandelion Initiative: Starting November 2019. More details coming soon.

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class topic breakdown

  • Week 1: Orientation & Building Practices of Consent

  • Week 2: Safety

  • Week 3: Boundaries 

  • Week 4: Trust 

  • Week 5: Accountability


Want to host a series of seeds or book Yami for a private yoga event? Contact Yami.


Guided Meditation

A collaboration between Stefanie Lomatski and Yamikani Msosa.

Letting the Day Go

As frontline workers within the sexual anti-violence movement, the work can be really difficult and challenging. At the end of the day, we use different tools to ground ourselves. In this guided meditation, we explore letting go at the end of the day.


The In Between

This guided meditation is particularly useful for in-between meetings, appointments and/ or presentations. Take five minutes to ground yourself and know that you are going amazing work!


Planting Seeds of Self Compassion

Self Compassion is a very difficult exercise. This meditation explore what it feels like to show compassion to ourselves, the same way we support others.