Shhh… let’s not talk about it!

That’s a common sentiment when it comes to talking about sexual violence and consent culture. As mentioned in my story, I have for the last 11 years I have strived to build a society where consent culture in the norm. I didn’t do it alone of course, I have worked with many amazing radical feminists within the anti-sexual violence movement. Over the years  I have trained over 25,000 people and worked with over 100 organizations on the subjects of consent,sexual violence and bystander intervention. 

Here is a list of organizations that I have recently worked with in the last 6 months:

The entry point of my work is INTERSECTIONAL and POLITICAL by nature. 

I have chosen to center the voices of Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color in my work. When I get called on to give presentations or speaks, I will often center those voices in the conversation, activities and theory that I present. So to sum it up here are the subjects that I can speak to:

  • Building Consent Culture in the Workplace

  • Sexual Violence and Intersectionality

  • Immigrant and Refugee Women's Experiences

  • LGBTQ Experiences & Sexual Violence

  • Bystander Intervention

  • Thinking Beyond Mainstream Responses to Sexual Violence

  • Healing Centred Engagement and Gender Based Violence Practices

  • Anti-Black Racism and Sexual Violence

  • Pleasure and Consent

  • Transformative Justice and Healing

Yami is a skilled facilitator who brought a warm and comforting energy, as well as important perspectives and experiences, to our workshop of Self and Community Care.  They validated and affirmed the experiences in the room and gently challenged us to expand our current practice of self-care to imagine a workplace (and a world) that upholds individual and collective resilience.  Yami provided support, encouragement, and several resources for this meaningful and empowering journey.
— Dee Dooley, Avalon Sexual Assault Centre (Halifax,NS) 

Wanna see me in action? Check out these webinars that I hosted with VAW Learning Network

Roots and Resistance Webinar, May 2018 - VAW Learning Network


Roots and Resilience Webinar, May 2019 - VAW Learning Network

Yami was an absolute pleasure to work with - she is thoughtful, dedicated, and went above and beyond what we expected. She developed a thought-provoking and highly informative webinar on misogynoir for OCASI, which she delivered to service providers in the immigrant and refugee-serving sector across Ontario. Thank you Yami.”
— Sidrah Ahmed, Senior Violence Against Women Coordinator Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (Toronto, ON)