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Ubuntu Consulting

Ubuntu Consulting was founded in 2016 by Yamikani Msosa as is dedicated to supporting organizations and individuals interested in moving from awareness to action around issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-oppression.

Here is a list of services offered;

Organizational Assessments

An organizational assessment is a consulting strategy that Ubuntu has developed for groups that are ready to embark on a path of focused work to align their policies, practices, and culture with their social justice vision and values. It includes an anti-oppression audit of the organization, a report with written recommendations, and facilitated sessions for education and strategizing to move forward.

Policy Support

Strong policies build healthy organizations! Ubuntu has supported organizations to create policies around anti-oppression, hiring, conflict resolution, evaluations, and more.

Trainings and Workshops

Ubuntu has offered a number of trainings on oppression, equity, diversity, inclusion centered in principles of economic, racial, gender, reproductive, restorative & healing justice. Trainings are catered to organizational needs.

Organizational Trainings & Workshops

2018- Self Care as an Act of Resistence & Anti-Oppression | Avalon Sexual Assault Centre (Halifax)

2018-Centering Equity in Staff Meetings|Amnesty International

2018- Introduction to Intersectionality| Canadian Women’s Foundation

2018-Anti-Oppression 101 | IWD Ottawa Organizing Committee

2018- Centering Love within Social Justice Movements| Sexual Assault Centre Hamilton

2018- Consent, Conflict &Communication | LGBT Youthline

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2017-Anti-Oppression, Equity and Inclusion| Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres

2017- Introduction to Anti-Oppression Principles and Frameworks| Planned Parenthood Ottawa

2017- Feminist Solidarity Building| IWD Ottawa Organizing Committee

2017- Understanding Principles of Anti-Oppression | Ottawa Community Health Centres Equity Working Group

2017- Introduction to Anti-Black Racism | Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre

2017- Anti-Racism & Feminist Solidarity Building | CUPE Ontario Women’s Committee

2016- Introduction to Anti-Oppression Principles and Frameworks| Planned Parenthood Ottawa

2016- Can I say Ni**a? Hip Hop and Anti-oppression| House of Paint

2016- Reproductive Rights vs Reproductive Justice | Planned Parenthood Ottawa

2016- Supporting Immigrant and Refugee Survivors of War, Rape, Torture and Trauma | Belleville & Kingston Sexual Assault Centres

2016- Building Solidarity within Feminist Spaces| Ottawa University Law Needs Feminism Chapter

2016- Introduction to Anti-Oppression and Equity | RESULTS Canada

Yamikani was able to create a space to ask difficult questions and challenged us to think outside the box. I can’t wait to work with her again
— Amnesty International Trainee
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